Wing Chun is a Chinese self–defense art which has her roots in the southern China. Also, Wing Chun is well-known as Wing-Tsun and even Ving-Tsun. It is one of the most famous martial arts in the world and the most famous Master in Wing Chun is Yip Man and some others, like Master Austin Goh, Master Carlos Lee etc. Yip Man taught Wing Chun to Bruce Lee at the age of seven. Wing Chun was invented in 1700 roughly, 300 years ago by a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui. Ng Mui had a student, whose name was Yim Wing Chun and she was a lady. The name Wing Chun literally means “Springtime Song”. The Wing Chun system, of Shaolin Kung Fu, includes short direct movements (straight punches and low kicks), which are designed to eliminate wasted energy which become faster in the immediate counterattacks.
Wing Chun
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