101 Self Defense Aikido
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We can teach a generalized style taking the best from each art, or we can teach each art individually! We can also belt test each student as they are ready to test in each martial art system. If you are just interested in learning each art with out testing, you don’t have to test, it’s your option! We also have family classes! The Enhanced Martial Arts system is rich in the development of body, mind, and spirit and most of all, is sensitive to the need of each individual student. We believe everyone should have the chance to learn martial arts at there own skill level. We teach full traditional martial arts from all over the world, or give you the choice for what works right now on the street! Grandmaster Mundt is well versed in many fighting
HAPKIDO Iaido Arnis Kali Escrima Jeet Kune Do Maui Thai Tai  Chi w e a p o n s Wing Chun