We teach responsibility to be role models in and outside the dojo, to exercise self-discipline, to be goal orientated, prepared, courageous, and a team player. We will teach these life building skills to every student that comes to our DOJO! Not only will your child gain the confidence that comes from knowing how to defend themselves, but students build awareness and safe habits by participating in discussions on: “Stranger Danger”, “Bullying″, “Home Safety” and “Street Safety”. Children learn how to diffuse a situation using verbal defense, as well as using attitude and strong body language to prevent bullying. They are taught that fighting is the last resort. Below are some reasons why to try us!
1. Course structure teaches achieving goals. 2. Activities channel positive energy. 3. Confidence and a “can-do” attitude. 4. Self-discipline skills. 5. Produce strength and fitness. 6. Development of leadership and sportsmanship. 7. Reward system gives goals to work for. 8. Class sessions give them the variety to work with others and respect them. 9. Our classes offer life saving skills. 10. Our programs are safe and are a lot of fun to the students!
Enhanced Martial Arts would like to start a national awareness campaign to let all of the bullies in this country know how many of us are sick of bullying behavior and are going to actively stop them in some way if we see it. Enhanced Martial Arts also would like to let their victims know that they are not alone and that, if they turn to us, we will do everything in our power to help them. If we get enough like-minded people to join us...we can make a difference!