If you truly understand who and what you are, fear cannot live in your mind or spirit.

When you really, truly understand who and what you are, you will no longer be afraid. I am talking about the irrational fear of the unknown or the fear of dying, not a rational, healthy fear like one you may have of a deadly snake; this kind of fear is more akin to a healthy respect of what that snake can do, and is not the same as the person who is deathly afraid of any snake and climbs the walls at the mere sight of one.

Fear, although a natural emotion, can be overcome by understanding that you do not simply disappear into nothingness when you leave your mortal body; your true essence, who you truly are, lives on. Basically every sage over the centuries has taught this. Once you internalize this, and truly know it with all your heart, irrational fears will no longer plague you.

This is the point that the true warrior has to get to. This is one reason that the warriors of old could look death in the eye without flinching. Sure, it still takes courage to face those situations which could cost you your life, but once you have internalized this truth, it becomes much more controllable.

Don't be Afraid!